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War on Syria Is War on Russia

DAMASCUS - Syria - As the Russian supply planes land at Damascus International Airport, the West is slowly realising that they will have to go through Russia to get Assad.

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Both Syria and Iran are supported by the former Soviet country, Russia. The West is treading very carefully with their attempts at destabilising these two countries because if they awaken the Russian bear, there will be the advent of a terrible conflict that will affect every nation in the world.

Turkey’s recent retaliatory efforts do not bode well for the West, as the Turks have every right to defend themselves from attack, but if they are sucked into a greater conflict, they will be fighting Russia and not Syria. One must understand that Assad is backed fully by the Russians now; to the point that if the situation was to escalate and other nations joined the internal conflict directly, Russia would step in. For the Turks, this would be a fait accompli because they would be attacked from the North, as well as the East. If one was to add a nuclear element to the proceeding war, then Turkey would be annihilated in minutes by the Russians, bringing WW3 onto the scene as NATO reacts to the deadly situation.

On the Iranian front, one must also look at Israel’s PM Netenyahu and see his eagerness to attack Iran as an attempt to start World War III. As soon as Israel attacks, so would Russia, and then the United States would be forced to step in, and the final denoument would include an entrance from China. When you have big players like this slugging it out, you know there are going to be fireworks.

Any attack on Iran would also be a terrible end to many economies worldwide because once the Straits of Hormuz are cut off, crude oil prices will rise by 60/70%. You can forget about driving to work or flying a plane then because oil prices will ground everything. For Western countries like America, that would be the final nail in the coffin, because their reserves can only last for a limited time. The US is the largest oil dependent nation in the world, and its economy would grind to a halt almost immediately. This would precipitate civil unrest and starvation, as well as possible civil war.

Now you know why Obama does not want to speak with Netenyahu, because all that guy wants to talk about is his plan to bomb Iran. This would be a surefire suicide mission for Israel and possibly the United States. Obama does not want that before the election, and he will do everything he can to postpone the conflict till after the U.S. elections. By kicking the can down the road, if he loses the election, which is looking more likely than ever now, then he will not be held responsible for the most reckless moves ever made by the West. Leave that to Romney, who was sucking up to Israel’s leaders on a recent trip to the Jewish state.

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  1. WW3 will probably start before the US elections in November.

    Russia will invade Europe while China takes on Asia and the United States. They will have great advances at first but they will be stopped. Nuclear weapons will only be used once Russian and possibly Chinense conventional forces are decimented.

  2. First off the picture is brilliant. I know for certain that millions of people will agree with me. As for the premise that ww3 can be started soon….shiiit this is a scary concept. I agree that Syria is a wasps nest of trouble and I agree that Netenyahu is a liability but and this is a big BUT how is the US going to fare in the coming war?

    Will it go to nuclear straight away?

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