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Cameron: “Destruction of the Pound Nearly Complete”

LONDON - England - The Prime Minister has lauded the destruction of the pound sterling currency after its value has fallen to its lowest levels yet.

“By destroying the Pound we set ourselves up to eventually join the euro currency. That’s the ultimate plan I have been told by my boss Frau Merkel,” Mr Cameron divulged in a Sunday Times articles yesterday.

The complete devaluation of the pound also serves as a stick to beat the already impoverished people of Britain further.

“Indeed, if one engineers the destruction of the currency, this means imports are far more expensive and may have to be halted all together increasing the cost of living to dizzying heights. Furthermore, the low value of the Pound means that Britons cannot travel outside the UK any more or move their assets abroad either, unless of course they want to lose huge chunks of what little they have left. This coupled with the proposed negative banking base rate is a coup de grace on the neck of the populations, who are already under vast economic strain and an avalanche of personal debt. My esteemed colleague, George Osborne has also ensured that Britain has lost its valued AAA rating thus increasing government borrowing costs and future interest payments on our vast deficit. The standard of living in the UK is already one of the lowest in Europe, we want to bring it below Romania and Bulgaria so that when 29 million of them are eligible to come here soon, they will feel at home,” Mr Cameron added.

Even though the Prime Minister has proposed an EU referendum, there is very little chance that he may win the 2015 election, and even if he does, the amount of pro EU propaganda that is spewed out in the controlled media by him will ensure that the brainwashed battered Britons vote to stay in the EU or vote for Labour and embrace the EU anyway.

“One plans any government move years in advance of the actual act. We have already factored in many variables regarding the destruction of the formerly Great British Pound and the introduction of the euro. The vast influx of immigration from the Balkans and former Soviet Bloc countries will ensure that Britain’s society and culture is irreparably fractured and the all important class system is completely destroyed. This is the only way we can get Britain into the EU, by completely eradicating its culture and sovereignty. It is impossible to have a British class system when 85% of people in the room are from Eastern Europe and the Third World. This is how our masters, the EU technocrats, plan on destroying Britain from the inside by demanding the UK has unfettered immigration. As for the City, Brussels is already forcing them to dump their bonuses, looks like they who championed Britain staying in the EU for so long will be one of the hardest hit by the EU. Good luck to you boys, you voted for the EU and wanted to stay in, you can enjoy losing all your goodies now,” an anonymous source from Westminster revealed Monday.

The planned destruction of the Pound is an element that ties in with the back-door integration of the euro in Scotland when it votes to gain independence soon. The Scots know that they will embrace the euro just like their Celt cousins, the Irish.

“Once the Scots strategically embrace the euro, broken Britain’s England will eventually be forced to join itself or be further destroyed economically. It will be surrounded from all sides and have nowhere to go. What are they going to do in England, and Northern Ireland? Perhaps, they can move everyone to their precious Falkland Islands. That will be funny,” an unnamed unnelected technocrat from Brussels said on Sunday.

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  1. Be VERY careful what you wish for…

    It may very well come true……………………

  2. Absolutely ridiculous supposition do you think for one second Scotland will vote for independence? They're too reliant on English benefits for that to ever happen.

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