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Election Mass Debate Comes to Squalid Climax

LONDON - England - As election TV mass debates go, what was witnessed tonight was nothing more than a premature congratulatory wilting dribble.

Want More Free Cash? Move to Scotland

GLASGOW - Scotland - Alcoholics, drug addicts, benefits cheats, Eastern European gangsters, students. Want more benefits, free money, free university, drugs, booze, benefits riches? Then Scotland is your next destination.

Alex Salmond: A Message From Glasgow

GLASGOW - Scotland - The Daily Squib has had the honour of interviewing former Scottish National Party (SNP) leader, Alex Salmond after the crushing Scottish Referendum defeat on 18 September 2014.

Purring Queen Tipped to be Next Downing Street Cat

LONDON - England - The Queen, who likes to purr a lot, has been tipped to replace the Downing Street moggy, David Cameron's office has revealed.

Everyone’s Happy Now That We’re All Better Together

GLASGOW - Scotland - Everyone in the United Kingdom is 'Better Together'. So show some love.

National Experts: Why Be Ashamed to Be English?

LONDON - England - The Scottish referendum has truly introduced some serious questions for the 'United' Kingdom, which in reality is not 'united' in any way but has many underlying facets to its make up, some elements which pull away and others that push together.

Scotland: “A Final Cry to Go into Bottle”

FALKIRK - Scotland - The treacherous always win, as the Scottish referendum reveals.

What Scotland Will Look Like After Independence

EDINBURGH - Scotland - The Scottish tourist board have revealed what the country will look like after gaining independence from the UK.

Druid Masters: “True Scot Celts Know About the Future”

CALLANISH - Isle of Lewis - Never ignore the sacred hidden knowledge of the ancients, for the original inhabitants of the British Isles know more than the feckless politicians. Listen to the druids.

World’s Largest Deep Fried Mars Bar Now Making Its Way to...

CHESHIRE - England - The world's largest deep fried mars bar is now, as we write this, making its way to Glasgow, Scotland.

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