What Scotland Will Look Like After Independence

EDINBURGH - Scotland - The Scottish tourist board have revealed what the country will look like after gaining independence from the UK.

Here’s a sneak peak of what Scotland will look like after independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

The magnificence of Scotland will soon be revealed to the world as it is spectacularly transformed into a paradise never before witnessed by any person standing alive today on the British Isles.

Resplendent with multiple tennis courts on every corner of the once grey green land, the palm trees will bristle with ripe deep fried Bounty bars, and the clouds will all disappear travelling instead down South where all the shisters live.


The coronation of King Salmond and Prince Murray will commence three days after liberation and there will be festivites all round, including free haggis and barrels of booze for every Scot.

Welcome to Scotland a paradise of freedom and the occasional glassing.