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Scottish Gulag: Kids Bribed to Snitch on Parents With Deep Fried Mars Bars

KILMARNOCK - Scotland - The newly introduced 'hate crime' law is now making children snitch on their parents.

Stalin would have approved at the state of Scotland today, where anything you say can be reported as a ‘hate crime’ depending on what is construed as a hate crime at any given time of the day by the Scottish Politburo. Once you are reported for said hate crime, Scottish Thought Police Stasi agents snatch you from your home in the morning hours, and you are taken to one of many re-education Gulags across the bampot nation. The worst part of the whole farcical spectacle is that children are now being indoctrinated to snitch on their parents or siblings if they say anything that is perceived as a ‘hate crime’.

Snitch on Parents

Pete McCoskins, 8, from Kilmarnock reported his dad to the Thought Police on March 26th, for saying something about the Jihadist leader of the SNP, Humza Yousaf. The 8-year-old boy was rewarded for his efforts with a trip to his local chippy, where he was given four deep-fried Mars bars and a Lucozade. Locals reported that the boy was then offered another four deep-fried Mars bars, a deep-fried Snickers bar and a can of tropical flavour Lilt if he snitched on someone else.

The next day the police took away the boy’s mum, three of his teachers, and 29 pupils from his school.

“Aye, th’ wee bas loon noo haes enough chippy choco bars tae lest him ’til neist Tuesday,” one local told reporters.

You may be wondering what a Scottish Gulag looks like?


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