Drunk Scottish judge

Insane biased judges in a banana-Republic anti-English Scottish court have deemed the legal prorogation of the English parliament as unlawful in Scotland.

Scottish law which thankfully does not apply in England and Wales, is not justified to pass judgement on the English parliament let alone English law.

The parliamentary prorogue has been judged perfectly legal in England and Wales by the High Court.

Biased Judicial Interference

“It is under th’ rulin’ ay thes Scottish coort ‘at Boris Johnson shaa be huckled an’ brooght tae Scootlund tae hae a Glasgee kiss ye glaikit Sassenach bastards. Hic! Sumcunt pass me dat brew!” a visibly drunk Judge McFartle said after the ridiculous judgement.

Meanwhile, in Number 10, one could only hear laughter.