American Womb-Carriers Upset Over Roe v Wade Abortion Ruling

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The ban on abortion ruling by the Supreme Court has many womb-carriers jumping around in protest across America.

roe v wade

The new leftist woke term for women is ‘womb-carriers’ and many are upset about a court ruling banning abortion in multiple US states. Some call it the revenge of Donald Trump, but at the end of the day, this ruling shows how polarised American society is at the moment.

womb carriers

Beyond satire

If the radical woke Marxist communists now call women ‘womb-carriers’ what do they call men? Possibly ‘cock and balls swaggerers’ or maybe ‘scrotum-swingers’ which sounds very ominous indeed. If George Orwell were alive today, he would not believe this shit even if he saw it with his own fucking eyeballs.

Black Lives Matter should be rejoicing because the abortion ban will mean more black kids will be born instead of aborted. One would think they would applaud this court ruling, seeing as 70% of abortions in America are committed by African Americans.

The disgusting riot police were tear-gassing womb-carriers in the streets of multiple Democrat cities last night. This is all a terrible mistake, surely. The state interfering with women is surely a sign of state sanctioned overreach?

Dearest womb-carriers of America, if you don’t want kids there is an extremely simple set of solutions: 1) Stop fucking 2) Get the man to wear a rubber 3) Get sterilized. Simples!

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