Jarvis Cocker’s Back “I Need the Money”

SHEFFIELD - England - Quite rightly, Jarvis Cocker and Pulp will be back in 2023 to collect for old time's sake.

Everybody loves the Jarvis, and guffy moments at the Brit Awards wafting farts around at Michael Jackson’s pomposity, are 90s moments to cherish. Shoe gazing at Outsider Art festivals obviously doesn’t pay, and sooner or later the royalties dry up.

The 90s were the years before the internet really took off, and the last vestiges of the old music biz model with it. Once music became a throwaway mp3 that could be downloaded for free and not distributed by controlled channels for record companies, then the entire business model fell through the floor.

We can’t begrudge 90s acts like Jarvis Cocker’s Pulp doing a reunion run of festivals or whatever to refresh memories of the one’s who were there, and maybe convert some millennials to their music.

Between a choice of some awful autotuned template crap song around today sung by some automaton with zero character and Pulp we will take the latter any day.

The music biz today is just run by robots and the music is thus performed by programmed bots who have zero talent in any way.

Bring back the 90s.

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