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Eight Cubans Receive 20-Year Jail Terms Because of YouTuber



YouTube travellers who use their privilege to make money off poor people in Third World countries are a despicable type of parasite that leaves a shameful stain upon the Developed World. One YouTuber called Kurt Caz, an Afrikaans South African, is responsible for 8 – 10 Cubans receiving 20-year jail terms in the communist dictatorship of Cuba, purely for views and advertising revenue on his exploitative channel.

Profiting Off Poverty Porn

This despicable exploitative creature manipulated many poor Cubans purely for profit in his videos, which make hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue.

The worst part about the egotistical user YouTube traveller, Kurt Caz is that he knew he was in a communist country, and he knew that by exposing how ordinary Cubans have to get by in their poverty-stricken country that these people he filmed would get into serious trouble, but because he was more concerned with the revenue and subscribers he would gain from exposing these poor people, he carried on without any form of conscience or responsibility for his actions.

Cuban Communist Dictatorship

In Cuba, many activities are deemed as illegal by the secret police who answer to the communist party ruling the country. However, can one blame the people steeped in severe poverty for doing illegal stuff to put food on their table? This is what Curt Kaz exploited, and it is a truly shameful act. The people Kurt Caz exploited who are now serving 20-year jail terms will think about Kurt Caz every day in the horrible Cuban prisons where they will rot away.

In the video below, you can see this guy showing off his Ferrari while he wines and dines some exploited Venezuelan girl in the UAE. All of the filthy proceeds Kurt Caz has made in the hundreds and thousands of dollars are off the pain and suffering from countless people, but he doesn’t care, he is rolling in the money, and paid women.

As the YouTuber Kurt Caz drives off into the sunset in his Ferrari, lighting up another Cuban cigar, he has no thought or care for the people who will rot in a stinking damp Cuban jail for the next twenty years. This manipulative exploitative scumbag deserves nothing but a serious dose of karma. As for the idiots who blindly follow and subscribe to Kurt Caz, you are enabling this asshole, and you directly are part of the problem as well.

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