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Speaking the Truth in Times of Universal Deceit is a Revolutionary Act

LONDON - England - The words of author, George Orwell have never been so prescient to the nasty, horrible times we are living in now.

George Orwell knew how the mainstream media and propaganda worked because he was employed by certain organisations at certain points in his career as a journalist. Even someone as esteemed as George Orwell would have been surprised at how his satirical novel “1984” would somehow become a manual for the people controlling society, the media, government and now the internet.

If anyone has any form of independent thought these days, they are either labelled as “conspiracy theorists”, “fake news”, “hate speech” or “kooks”. Pretty much all of these individuals are eventually cancelled, or their reputations thrown in the mud. In an even more sinister manner, weaponised governmental departments and the media are utilised to besmirch any political voice coming from the wilderness. We are now in a situation that means entire swathes of political opposition are erased and cancelled by the powers who control every facet of society and government.

Why bother having elections when the opposition has been deplatformed, erased and silenced by the internet overlords who delight in their role of sending entire groups of political voices to the far reaches of their search algorithms, effectively deleting them from all existence. When there is only one, singular so-called ‘liberal’ and ‘inclusive’ side making the narrative, it is the antithesis of inclusivity and liberalism. Ronald Reagan was probably right when he said: “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.”

The internet now is a closed echo chamber, a mind prison where conformity and blind belief in lies are rewarded, and anyone who dares to question the ‘official’ narrative bleated out by the same media organisations ad infinitum are erased or threatened with erasure. Usually, there is no court or judicial review, they are simply erased after the baying mob of automatons has dealt out their guilty verdict.

There is absolutely no point in having elections in the Soviet West anymore, simply because the political party who is not in power are cancelled, deplatformed and erased from all media.

The Daily Squib saw this shutting down process of the internet in 2014, when it first emerged under the orders of the staunch Marxist Barack Obama. Since then, the internet has been going downhill fast.

Is there any hope for those who value freedom and democracy? Well, once it’s gone, it is nigh on impossible to get it back. With only a few voices left talking about this, and even fewer people aware of what is happening, the silence is deafening.

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