Forget about the pathetic Trump Wall, after viewing the crazy loco Americans and their rioting/looting, Mexicans are seriously thinking about building a wall to keep the crazies out.

“Dios mio, you see these loco Americanos? We need to build a wall to keep those cabrones out of Mexico!” one Mexican said peeking out from his sombrero before going back to sleep in the midday sun.

Things are getting ugly in the USA and Mexicans are scared that shit can come over the border and disturb their chilled peace, if you can call it that amongst the cartel wars.

“I wanted to go to America to make some plata but now I stay in my sleepy village and milk goats, it better that way,” Emilio, 26, a goat farmer revealed.

Even the drug cartels are not eager on dealing with the American shipments as keenly as before. Many drug lords are now sitting on their product, and the laundering has also dried up.

Poncho, a drug lord from a village 30 km outside Mexico City is even donating some of his ill-gotten gains to build a wall along the U.S. border for the greater good of Mexico.

“It necessary, because they gone loco over there in USA. I put millions of dollars into this wall project because it’s not the rioting blacks we’re scared of but the kneeling gringos. I don’t respect that shit, kneeling, we Mexicanos do not kneel for anyone, I can’t respect kneeling gringos, it goes against everything we stand for. They lost their cojones!”