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Mexico Thinking of Building Wall to Keep Crazy Rioting Americans Out

MEXICO CITY - Mexico - After seeing the riots and looting in most American cities, many Mexicans are considering building a wall to protect themselves.

George Floyd to be Sainted by Pope in America

LOS ANGELES - USA - WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Pope Francis will be canonizing George Floyd as a saint, when he visits America in July.

Daily Squib Giving Away 100s Holidays to America

LAS VEGAS - USA - The Daily Squib is giving away 100s of free holidays to America. Our lucky readers get first dibs.

The Second American Civil War May Not be Remembered

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - If there is a second American Civil War, the sheer severity of the onslaught would probably ensure its historical significance.

How America Cursed Itself With Slavery

LOS ANGELES - USA - The cycle of violence continues in American cities blighted by racial hatred and disparity. This is the curse of America.

Why America Will Never Be Great

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - America, possibly the 'greatest' nation/empire ever created which in fact was never great or will ever achieve greatness.

Africans Refusing Clothing From America

KINSHASA - Congo - Another shipment of unwanted second-hand clothes has arrived from America at Le Beach Ngobila port this week much to the disappointment of the Congolese people.

Barack Hussein Obama Vows to Wage Jihad on Christian American Doubters

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Barack Obama vows to fight prejudice against Islamic values and culture in the United States. In a historic address to his supporters he has proclaimed Jihad on the unbelievers and detractors of his profound message and belief system.

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