kneel for justice


As the rioting and looting continues in Minneapolis, it’s as if we have seen this, time and time again, ad infinitum.

A black man dies under a white cop, and the whole town goes up in flames for a while until people get bored with it all and it stops — but what if, just one time, it does not stop? What if the discord and rioting moves from city to city, from town to town, and does not fizzle out this time? This time, there is a global viral pandemic in the mix, and a post-lockdown malaise to contend with which invariably adds to the tinder.

An American Civil War is way overdue, sometimes you gotta clean house, need some furniture rearranging, and many people in America feel strongly that one is needed now more than ever to take their vision of America back from its current skewed direction.


The big question, of course is, who would win a civil war, especially if it was based on race?

That question is like any war, messy, and has no definable answer. Eventually, the war would come down to the American Marxists (black and white) and the American Conservative Patriots (black and white) because there are sympathisers in all constructs.

Revolution does not come easy, amongst the blood and the guts, both sides will get tired after many years or decades of battle. In other scenarios, one side could be completely annihilated, and wiped off the face of the earth, let alone American soil.

American Socialists detest guns, and if given a pistol would not know what to do with it, contrast that with a true American Republican, or a Libertarian who was born toting a .365 Magnum, and can shoot a bottle cap from twenty yards by the age of 6 months.

There is a disparity in marksmanship, in militias, in weaponry and in knowledge when it comes to warfare, strategy, tactics between the Socialists and the conservatives.

So, who would win the next American Civil War? Does it matter?