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BEYOND SATIRE – CNN Reporters Arrested by Police Whilst Reporting About Police

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - A CNN reporter and news crew have been summarily arrested for trying to report on the police, and the riots.


We all know how much Donald Trump likes CNN, and can imagine the president at home with a bowl of popcorn, and a bottle of Schlitz giggling his motherfucking head off whilst watching a CNN reporting crew of four being arrested by cops, however, this stuff does not even happen in war zones like Iraq or Syria, and the PRESS is always granted access most of the time without fear of arrest. In other words — what the hell is going on here in America?

One would think that press freedom to a news crew, however much detested by the administration, would be allowed, but this time, it was not.

Maybe the black reporter was too much of an eyesore for the assembled cops, but CNN is a relatively large and major news corporation and there well may be legal lawsuits spat out to answer for this aggression against press freedom.

Watching the video, it almost looks like some kind of martial law scene in a dystopian movie, or in China, where we know that press freedom, and speech are not allowed.

Is this beyond satire, well, it is beyond belief?

The CNN reporters were later released.

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