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How Does Looting and Rioting Stop Racism?

ATLANTA - USA - African Americans are once again on the rampage in U.S. cities, looting and rioting. How do their violent thieving destructive actions stop racism?

With the many riots and looting going on in American cities because of the death of a black man at the hands of a white cop, one must ask the question, how does rioting and looting cities stop racism?

Just as that bloated botox-ridden idiot, Madonna, thinks the token boy she bought from Africa can stop ‘racism’ by dancing, the deluded morons on the streets of America looting and burning buildings down think they can stop it too. With such low levels of intelligence, how do these people even function in daily life?

One would have to postulate that the actions of the rioters and looters actually fuels more racism, because African Americans are repeatedly seen as the root of violent thieving behaviour once again, perpetuating the already sullied reputation that black people have in America.

African Americans need to somehow change this terrible reputation they have, and to change it, they need to stop this awful cycle of violence and hatred they breed wherever they go.

The prisons of America are filled to the brim with African Americans for a reason — they are committing most of the crime. Why do they commit most of the crime in America? That’s a question with too many variables to even address in an article, and would need a vast series of books, with solid researched material delving into America’s dark history and present.

Why do people fear African Americans so much? Why is there ‘White Flight’ wherever they go? Why are they the most detested and hated of minorities in America?

One only has to look at the rioting and looting going on right now in America. No other race does what they do, and if there is an injustice, these are sorted out in a civilised manner; not like how African Americans do it, with animalistic, feral, childish violence, thinking that everything is owed to them simply because of the colour of their skin. This pathetic petulant manner of dealing with problems is the very reason why black African Americans are still today in the same place they have always been, in the sewer of inequity.

“In America, it doesn’t matter if you made millions on the football field, or as a rapper, or actor, at the end of the day — you’re still a n*gger,” one prominent African American wrote.

The elements that are orchestrating the riots right now don’t give a fuck, and neither did the cop kneeling on that tragic black man’s neck, the police don’t give a fuck because they know it’s all over for many, and this is just the beginning of something much larger, something that will finally show everyone who really is in charge, and how much the civilians really don’t matter.

Thanks to the actions of African Americans rioting and looting — the perpetual cycle of racism will continue.

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