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How Does Looting and Rioting Stop Racism?

ATLANTA - USA - African Americans are once again on the rampage in U.S. cities, looting and rioting. How do their violent thieving destructive actions stop racism?

How America Cursed Itself With Slavery

LOS ANGELES - USA - The cycle of violence continues in American cities blighted by racial hatred and disparity. This is the curse of America.

Tory MP’s Defence: “I Thought the Intruder Was Theresa May”

LONDON - England - Tory MP who manhandled a female protestor at a banquet says he thought the woman was Theresa May in a case of mistaken identity.

Country Music Fans Gunned Down By Shooter

CALIFORNIA - USA - The tragic shooting of 13 people at a country music bar is most definitely a politically motivated act of violence.

Ordering Up a Can of Whoop Ass at McDonalds

LAS VEGAS - USA - There has been a staple item on the McDonalds menu for quite a while - a good solid beating.

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