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Proms Update: Rule Britannia to be Replaced By Grime Rap

LONDON - England - The BBC Proms will be replacing classical British compositions like 'Rule Britannia' with Grime rappers.


Hard left extremists have once again stuck their noses into British tradition, this time the BBC Proms’ mainstay, ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ are being cancelled.

As sovietized cancel culture goes, this is the final nail in the coffin for anything that resembles British identity and culture.

Naturally, the BBC which is now a ‘woke’ PC den of extreme left wing political bias, has capitulated to the savages who want the classics removed from the Proms roster.

Black culture

“We will be replacing ‘Rule Britannia’ with Grime Drill rappers who will instead sing about subjects like black supremacy, murdering people, extreme violence, stabbing, shanking, dismemberment, drug running and bitches, in other words, black culture at the moment,” the BBC’s Proms director revealed on the Radio Times.

You may wonder why your 11-year-old daughter is twerking in the corner like a ‘ghetto ho’? There’s nothing to worry about, it is now deemed as perfectly normal within the current music industry to sexualise young children and program them in the ways of black culture. That’s why all the kids now call each other ‘bruv’ and make gang hand gestures, because it is perceived as cool to act like a Jamaican criminal.

Watch this wonderful Proms performance of ‘Rule Britannia’ by mezzo-soprano Sarah Connolly now before it is unceremoniously deleted from YouTube soon.

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