Will Amazon Still be Delivering During the Next American Civil War

KENOSHA - USA - The American Civil War came a step closer last night when another black man was shot by a white cop.

american civil war kenosha
Screengrab (YouTube)

Another American Civil War is coming in the next 72 odd days, as the shit kicks off once again in Kenosha, Wisconsin after another black man was shot in the back seven times by a white cop.

America is now once again close to civil war, but things will get worse when Donald Trump wins the next election after the silent majority vote.

In typical fashion, the BLM rioters were out in force once again burning cars, garbage trucks and even the local Kenosha Court House at one point. The Kenosha census in 2000 revealed that the population is made up of 7.68% African American.

There are already daily riots in Portland, and if things escalate to other cities and the victim of the shooting dies (currently in ICU) then once again we will see another George Floyd moment.

American Civil War

Americans are now stocking up on as much guns and ammo as they can, and the clever ones prepping on essentials.

If by some miracle Biden wins, there may still be riots, however conservative Americans generally do not riot unless there is a very good reason to, like alleged election fraud. For much of the times when blacks riot, the conservative mainly white Americans stay away, however this might easily change depending on the circumstances.

Get your shit together folks because once it all kicks off, there will be no Amazon deliveries, or any other sort of delivery, or shops open, or banks open. During a civil war, if you are unprepared — you die!