Africans Refusing Clothing From America

KINSHASA - Congo - Another shipment of unwanted second-hand clothes has arrived from America at Le Beach Ngobila port this week much to the disappointment of the Congolese people.

You would have thought that Africans would be happy to receive aid from America, but unfortunately, this vast continent is tired of American hand-me-downs, especially when it comes to clothes.

“I don’t know anyone in Africa who has a 65 inch waist. This is ridiculous, we can make tents out of this shit.

“Those fat fuck slothful fast-food guzzling greed-driven Americans are sending us clothes that we can’t possibly ever wear.

“They have plundered the earth’s resources for their wasteful culture of gluttony while the rest of the world is left with nothing,” Albert Kinoko, Rural Minister of Agriculture in Kinshasa told the BBC.

Every day, over 500 tonnes of outsized clothing is dumped in African countries. America has the highest levels of obesity in the world, with 89% of the country being clinically obese; a stark contrast to any other part of the world.

SUPER SIZE – Unfortunately outsize clothing is not the only other unwelcome American export in the world.

An American enjoys a small snack

The story is the same across the whole of Africa. There are now surplus mounds of American clothes dumped across Africa from the Cape of Good Hope to Nigeria.

“We have found an ingenious way to deal with the problem. If we receive one American’s jeans, we cut up the material and we can usually make clothes for five or six people, or even a tent that can house ten people,” a resourceful aid worker for Médecins Sans Frontières revealed.