Six-Year-Old Girl to Burn ‘My Pet Goat’ Book at Ground Zero on September 11

NEW YORK - USA - Judie Belcher, 6, has vowed to ceremonially burn the same book that George W Bush was reading on the fateful day he did nothing whilst the Twin Towers were attacked by a covert agency.

“Georgie was reading ‘My Pet Goat’ while Americans were jumping to their deaths from the WTC. He didn’t seem bothered much when one of his agents came and told him that the WTC was under attack. He just carried on as if nothing was happening. They didn’t even scramble one jet that day,” Judie Belcher, 6, said in front of her first grade class.

This is why at 3pm (EDT), the little six-year-old is going to ceremonially attend the book burning of ‘My Pet Goat’ at the 911 Ground Zero site. She and her classmates have been flown in from the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota County especially for the book burning occasion.

Remote control

“It’s like those WTC buildings were demolished from the inside. It was a controlled demo. Like also, what happened to the 757 that smacked into the Pentagon? They didn’t even find a wing over there, and there was a tiny hole like some kind of missile entered and smashed through 40 layers of reinforced concrete and steel. Who has that kind of technology? Dumbfuck towelheads sure don’t,” another pupil said.

Whilst the religious zealots fight amongst themselves at Ground Zero, those who really perpetrated the atrocity are happy the blame has been completely shifted to Islam; a useful bogeyman since the demise of the Cold War.

Collateral damage

“I read the Project for the New American Century’s Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century piece written in September 2000, it said they needed a new Pearl Harbor to rouse the American people so they could go to war again. Well, bang, September 11 2001 happened, and catch an Arab by his toe, we went to goddamn war thanks to Bush Jnr,” Billy Batts, 8, from the same school told his class during the plane trip up to New York.

At least someone is asking questions. Could it be that some first grade students in America have more insight than most of the ridiculously brainwashed jingoistic moronic adults aping around the country and airwaves waving their nonsensical religious books around?