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Why America Will Never Be Great

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - America, possibly the 'greatest' nation/empire ever created which in fact was never great or will ever achieve greatness.


Here lies a travesty of lies deep within its core, a standing joke upon its own self, the walls will crumble, decaying furiously, rotting away, led by the ludicrous, the depraved, and the lazy. To achieve greatness a civilisation must transcend its intrinsic evolution towards moral decay and this is why America fails miserably time after time. Any civilisation that revels in illusion so voraciously is always doomed to eventual failure.

Looking inward will not save America but speed up its decline. Under Trump there will be no greatness, for he does not hold greatness within his own being, only moral degeneration and terminal egoistic sickness fuelled by incessant greed. There is a morbid death in Donald Trump, and once he acquires the previously unattainable he loses interest, this new play toy, this new building, this new woman. Trump will fuck America, like he fucks everything else, then discard it.

The narcissist believes in his greatness and everything he touches turns to be great, but this is a false belief only fuelled by the narcissist’s immense unqualified undeserving ego and the mirror he looks in every day.

Trump much like Obama will bring further ruin to America and the unfortunate spillage will consume the globe, for there is no greatness in an empire that only values material conquest, there is no value in chaos and destruction meted upon a system which undermines any logical civil conclusion or intellectual spiritual path .

Much like Obama who preyed on ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’, Trump preys on blind nationalism, on Aryan supremacy, on greed, the pestilence of war, and more greed. There is no ‘Great’ within these limited bounds, only dispersion and humiliation.

The future for America lies in destruction, in terminal decline, for every empire has had to forfeit its position, and the United States is cursed to die young. These Americans have not known or even bothered to look at cultures or civilisations that lasted for thousands of years, they have simply crushed them under rubble from their bombs and drones. Where Obama stood by, Trump will act, however both stances can only bring destruction in the end, because there is no solid ground to stand on. The US is a neural network of virulent predatory violence stood on a bedrock of supreme corruption and festering greed.

America has moved too fast, and any civilisation that moves with such speed, such naivety and disrespect for the countless that superseded them is doomed to failure. In 240 years it has chosen to leap, but it has not looked at where it is to fall, and falling it is, fast, with no mercy or abatement.

There is no greatness in proclaiming greatness, or trying to regain greatness, for you do not know what the word means. The beginning of the journey or path to greatness is not even acknowledging the word or even trying to emulate the tenets  of accomplishments which only others can give to you, not yourself, or some pumped up meat packing bully like Donald Trump can evangelize.

No. There will never be a Great America. Too much has passed under the river now for America, the day has passed, the sun is setting on a nation that will never be great but is doomed to ultimate failure and destruction.

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