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BLM and ANTIFA Riots Simply Another Symptom of Overpopulation

LONDON - England - The think tank for 'Global Population Control' postulates that the current BLM and ANTIFA riots are a symptom of overpopulation.


Civil unrest and rioting from groups like BLM and ANTIFA are another symptom of overpopulation, which only serves to create division, violence, terrorism and misery to human populations.

The think tank for ‘Global Population Control’ reveals why the world is seeing more civil unrest and rioting.

“As the globe fights overpopulation, the BLM riots are symptomatic of the vast disparity and inequality of populations that have grown to unmanageable levels. Many of the rioters are part of a subsection of the population who have no use in society and the only way they can show their displeasure at being unnütze Esser is to riot, and destroy the property of those who do have a use in human society.

“The over breeding within these subsections of sub class is an element of poverty and little or no education, as well as irresponsibility. Even though many people in poverty cannot afford to support themselves, they are breeding en masse, and causing irreparable damage to the environment and human society.

“Western developed nations are seeing a vast rise in numbers of the sub-class and the reduction in numbers of responsible citizens who serve a purpose, therefore this is why when the sub-class riots, it loots and destroys everything they can relating to those who actually serve some purpose in life. One could postulate that the sub-class are the Bashi-bazouks ordered into battle first to foment disorder and chaos, whilst behind them, their controllers quietly pull the strings, for their particular nihilistic agenda.

“It is easy to brainwash unintelligent people, and the BLM crowds are the personification of the perfect medium to bring forth the message that there is something very wrong in the overpopulated globe we all live in now. Riots are a message, a warning sign that humans have overreached their biological use on this planet, and that a mass cull is needed urgently, starting with the sub-classes, who serve no use apart from their ability to be easily brainwashed into violent acts of outrage, orchestrated by their controllers, and by their propensity to eat up valuable finite resources whilst giving nothing back.

“As the lockdown is effectively over with, and more and more people congregate en masse, the coronavirus will spread further, and a second wave, much more potent than the first should be effective in whittling down the numbers, however this is not a certain science, and it may not unfold as hoped. The rioting, jobless masses, along with their virtue signalling celebrity part-time participants, are nature’s way of saying that breeding, especially amongst the sub-class must be reduced and halted. The abortion programmes must work 24/7 and homosexuality must be taught to them from a young age, so they stop breeding. They must be encouraged to be transgender, or genderless, and brainwashed into non-breeding education programs, possibly with monetary incentives.

“Once the global population has been reduced, it will only be then that the next stage of the technological society can be unveiled, but it will be seriously hampered if the sub-class is still around, because nothing can flourish with constant nihilistic riots and internal terrorism.”

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