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Residents Cheer as Anti-ULEZ Heroes Take Down CCTV Cameras

LONDON - England - Anti-ULEZ heroes are taking down hundreds of invasive spy cameras from all over the city.

Robinson Close residents now in the much-hated ULEZ Zone cheered as another camera for the evil scheme was destroyed. The punitive anti-democratic scheme where every car is tracked and many will be forced to pay £12.50 per day simply to use their cars, is the creation of Labour London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, otherwise known as a slimy slug.


All over London these inhibitive cameras are now being destroyed, and it is all thanks to the heroes in balaclavas roaming the streets.

It is quite easy to destroy or incapacitate these ULEZ cameras, and the people who are doing the good deeds are very secretive about their operations.

Called the ‘Bladerunners’ the crew are taking out over 30 cameras a night, and every day more are joining up.

Sadiq Khan tried to even shut up scientists who revealed that the ULEZ enforcement zone will have little or no effect on ‘air quality’.

The real reason for the cameras which will be announced in a year or so is that they will be used as a ‘pay-per-mile‘ scheme which will make all motorists pay for their journeys by the mile, as well as having their vehicles tracked wherever they go. The so-called ‘air quality’ lie is being pushed forward first, as it will have support from climate activists. The cameras are made in China and can be accessed by Chinese Intelligence officers and hackers.

No one voted for this Nazi spy system that will put a lot of people out of work and business.

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