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Slimy Slug Sadiq Khan Destroys Everything in his Path

LONDON - England - The Mayor of this once great city, Sadiq Khan, has reduced it to a smouldering wreck.

Never has there been a worse London Mayor, than the slimy slug Sadiq Khan, some kind of proto-Marxist profligate, useless and lazy piece of shit of the lowest order, a stain of the worst kind on the office of Mayor.

Here is someone who has reduced the once great City of London into a stab ridden blood infused kill zone, replete with Eastern European gangs on mopeds smashing up jewellery shops every few days, and gangs of feral animals stabbing innocent Londoners everywhere.

London’s transport system is an abject mess, a dirty, crime ridden revolving chainsaw of murder, where commuters are forced into carriages to inhale the coronavirus deep into their lungs, an airborne soup of death unseen by the naked eye.

Naturally Londoners are unhappy at seeing this once great city trashed by this vile slimy slug called Sadiq Khan, as he gurns on the telly with his irreverent communist sneer. As a slug destroys everything in your perfectly preened garden, so does the slimy slug-like creature of Sadiq Khan, destroy everything in his slimy path, a fuck-stain of inequity, unworthy of any form of redemption.

There is only one solution — salt, and plenty of it, to be poured over this fucking slug’s head, and to see it disappear into a gurgling mess of slime and shit.

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