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Prince Andrew Celebrates Paying Off Sex Accuser With Slap Up Meal...

SURREY - England - Prince Andrew is celebrating paying off sex accuser, Virginia Roberts with a slap up meal at Pizza Express, Woking.

BREAKING: Prince Andrew to Join Foreign Legion

AUBAGNE - France - Former royal, Prince Andrew is said to be considering joining the French Foreign Legion as a way of avoiding the upcoming court case involving sex with Virginia Giuffre when she was 17.

Exiled Prince Andrew to Go Live With Harry and Meghan in...

MONTECITO - USA - Exiled Prince Andrew who has been stripped of his titles and uniform, will go and live Harry and Meghan in their mansion.

Prince Andrew: “Have You Been Served?”

LONDON - England - According to some reports, there are claims that Prince Andrew has been served lawsuit papers from U.S. lawyers.

Lawyers For Epstein Sex Slave Plan to Parachute into Balmoral to...

BALMORAL - Scotland - Lawyers for former prostitute, Virginia Giuffre, are desperate to hand over lawsuit papers to Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew Just Needs to Hold Out Till December 7th

WINDSOR - England - Prince Andrew must hold out until December 7 before the lawsuit against him is thrown out of court.

Fearless Prince Andrew Books Flight to New York

LONDON - England - Prince Andrew has booked a first class ticket to New York, to defend his name against spurious allegations.

Prince Andrew Being Coached On How to Survive Prison

RIKERS ISLAND - USA - Prince Andrew is currently being coached by prison ex convicts and aides on how to survive a long stretch in an American prison.

Prince Andrew Bottled Sweat Being Sold Auction Site

BEIJING - China - Prince Andrew's potent sweat has been bottled and sold across the globe, a new damning report reveals.

Prince Andrew Was Blasted Into Space Two Days Ago

BAIKONUR - Kazakhstan - Buckingham Palace has revealed that Prince Andrew was shot into space two days ago in a rocket, on a one way trip.

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