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Is Frogmore the New Coventry?

WINDSOR - England - Frogmore is the new Coventry where people are sent to never to be heard of again.

It used to mean something if you were sent to Coventry, but as times change, now being sent to Frogmore is the new phrase used by people across the Kingdom.

With five rooms in this tiny cottage and a sitting room where you cannot even swing a crown, Frogmore Estate, a former servants quarters, is the place where Harry and Meghan were put into after Meghan Markle demanded to the late Queen that she and Harry should live at Windsor Castle. Instead, the ungrateful, deluded couple were put up in Frogmore. According to the news, Charles has chucked the couple out of Frogmore after the recent Netflix/book fiasco. The King has asked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to move out of Frogmore Cottage for good to allow disgraced Prince Andrew to move in. This means the woke couple will have nowhere to stay if they ever venture back to the UK.

Prince Andrew is being demoted from a vast 35 room grand mansion with Brobdingnagian grounds and a long winding driveway — to a little cottage with five rooms close to the noisy main road. The humiliating climb down for Andrew must be sending suicidal thoughts through his frazzled, Epsteined single brain cell.

Being sent to Frogmore is thus the new Coventry. But, what happens when you’ve even been ousted from Frogmore like the Sussexes?

Frogmore/Coventry is now the last stop before the glue factory…and once banished from there — it’s the Phantom Zone for you or alternatively the Slough Travelodge.


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  1. It’s kinda ironic Meghan kissed a prince and turned him into a frog!!!! Wahahahah @@disqus_s1AykB2C8u:disqus

  2. Being related to a professional french frog I would , rebet , say that Coventry is much worse than the Frogmore ponds , rebet , as my cousins say the water there causes them to have two heads , double rebet , and are prone to drowning .

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