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Crime Ridden Chicago Dumps Useless Mayor Lightfoot

CHICAGO - USA - Former Mayor Lori Lightfoot has thankfully been ousted from office after perpetuating the most crime ever seen in any American city in history.

Chicago is now known as the murder capital of the world, under the idiotic mismanagement of Liberal darling Mayor Lightfoot. Thankfully, Lightfoot is out, having her bid for re-election after a campaign in which she came under fire over the city’s high crime rate. In true liberal style, Lightfoot came down on the police, and enabled criminal gangs to flourish in the Windy City.

“Under this Beetlejuice Lightfoot creature from the land of crazy shit, we got murders happening every few blocks in our hood. It’s getting so bad, people don’t even look anymore when some gangbangers shoot each other,” one Chicago resident said angrily.

In 2021, 93% of murders involved a firearm, and 8.4% were the result of a stabbing. 40% of murders in 2021 were the result of an armed robbery and at least 60% were gang or gang narcotics altercations. Over 40% of victims and 60% of offenders were between the ages of 17 and 25. 90.1% of victims were male. 75.3% of victims and 70.5% of offenders were African American, 18.9% were Hispanic (20.3% of offenders), and whites were 5.6% of victims (3.5% of offenders)

“It’s hell on earth here in Chicago. Lightfoot is almost as clueless as that London mayor, forgot his name…but it’s hell to live in the city. If there is a hell on earth — Chicago is the centre of it, and Lightfoot is the Queen of Crime,” another Chicago resident quipped before being shot in the groin with a 12 bore shotgun for no fucking reason.

Can any new mayor bring Chicago back from the dead? Who knows? Many think the city has been neglected and mismanaged for too long by the outgoing Lightfoot to ever recover.

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  1. Romford is worse , having lived there once , and in Chicago .
    In Chicago you might get shot but in Romford most people get headbutted for no reason .

    • Sadik Khan is the worst thing that ever happenet to London like Lightfoot was t Chicago, idiots.

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