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Engraved Jewellery: The Perfect Way to Create a Meaningful and Lasting Gift

FIORENTINO - Italy - Engraved jewellery presented as a gift can be ageless and truly meaningful to the recipient. Here are some tips on the types of engraving you can expect.

Have you ever seen those customisable jewellery pieces with state-of-the-art inscriptions? And did you recently admire a vintage jewellery piece with elegant decorations all over it? You are simply looking at an engraved jewellery piece.

Before you can click here to discover more about the best-engraved bracelets and jewellery pieces, go through the following sections to know what engraving is, the different types available, and common uses in jewellery.

What’s Engraving?

Engraving involves carving a design onto a hard, flat surface by cutting grooves to create a textual or visual effect. This can be done on different materials, including stones, metals, wood, and glass. Since the antique, the engraving technique has been utilised to create complex and attractive jewellery pieces.

As the industry advanced, artisans switched to more speedy and convenient techniques, including rotary and laser. Currently, most jewellery pieces undergo laser engraving, which is a more modern method.


Types of Engraving

Currently, artisans and jewellers have various engraving techniques to choose from. They include both modern and traditional, and here are more details about engraved jewellery.

Hand Engraving

As one of the most laborious and intricate engraving techniques, hand engraving is done using smaller tools, and only experienced artisans use this method. Since everything is done manually, using hand-held tools, the engraving results may not be perfect as those of machines.

Engraving is a perfect match for individuals who love ancient-word charm and value craftsmanship. Remember, hand engraving can only be done on a few jewellery pieces and materials.

Laser Engraving

pexels-opt-lasers-from-poland-7254428Laser engraving involves a laser beam that moves on the surface of a material to create a visible cavity. During the engraving process, the laser beam emits high heat, making the material vaporise. Laser engraving is used to produce logos, lettering or designs into different materials.

While the laser beam can be adjusted to decrease or increase the engraving width, it can also be strengthened to curve deeply, enhancing the engraving texture. The best part is that laser engraving is compatible with different types of materials, including paper and glassware.

Rotary Machine Engraving

The lottery machine engraving method uses a machine-controlled tool to create a visual effect. This machine is linked to a computer where the design is programmed, making the result perfect and very attractive.

The lottery machine engraving is affordable compared to both hand and laser engraving since it takes less time. However, this technique isn’t compatible with heat-sensitive materials.

Computed Numerically Controlled Engraving

Shortened as CNC, computed numerically engraving is a popular technique at the industry level. It uses computed numerically controlled machines to make grooves or cuts on materials.

The machine features a drive and spindle system that a computer manipulates to cut or engrave the material in question in a predetermined pattern along a plane’s three axes.

Common Uses of Engraving in Jewellery

There are some popular uses of engraving in Jewellery, which include intaglios, decorative, and inscriptions. The intaglios were common during the Queen Victorian era, and while they were beautiful, they’re currently uncommon.

Decorative, on the other hand, produces pretty patterns on metal rings, and inscriptions involve the creation of meaningful phrases, smaller images, and dates, among others.

If you are looking for a perfect way to create a lasting and meaningful gift, you should pick engraved jewellery.

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