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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Disgraced Midazolam Hancock to Move Back to Jungle Permanently

THE JUNGLE - Borneo - Disgraced former health secretary Matt Hancock is going to move back to the jungle.

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The Daily Telegraph, have exposed former health secretary Matt Hancock who rejected the Chief Medical Officer’s advice to test for Covid all residents going into English care homes during the Pandemic. The result of this negligence was carnage, where many residents died or were allegedly helped along with shitloads of Midazolam — allegedly.

Serious Professional Misconduct

This is the last drop of Midazolam for Hancock, who is currently in hiding, and is packing his bags to skip any enquiry and get back into the jungle.

This time, there will be no TV cameras filming the grinning fuck head while he pretends to be a nice bloke. It will just be Hancock, mosquitos and a few crocs.

“Perhaps Hancock will receive some karma for the way he snuffed out thousands of oldies from this mortal coil. Hopefully, a deadly snake buries its fangs on Hancock’s tiny cock while he’s taking a whizz,” an angry woman who lost her grandfather at the hands of Hancock said.

Well, it is settled then. Matt Hancock will be sentenced to death by Oonga Boonga.

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