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Sell-Out Deal: EU Slave Sunak Still Has to Ask ECJ For Permission

LONDON - England - Hailed as the deal of the century, the new Brexit deal is basically still a piece of crap and Britain is still subject to the ECJ.

As EU ministers gloated and giggled under their breath at the new so-called Brexit deal for Northern Ireland, unelected PM Rishi Sunak was joyously proclaiming his own greatness and securing the deal of the century like an excited school kid who had just aced a science project by cheating and not getting caught.

The reality is that the majority of EU law has to be adhered to by the UK, and the Stormont Break can only be applied in ‘exceptional circumstances’, in other words the European Court of Justice still rules over Britain. The EU who is constantly fining the UK for millions because of breaches of pathetic EU diktats has concocted this pathetic deal with Mr Sunak under an atmosphere of smoke and mirrors.

Sunak paraded King Charles in front of the TV cameras meeting Ursula von der Leyen to give this sham a legitimate visage yet being obviously steeped in fakery. Charles should have refused to be used like that in such a cynical, vulgar fashion.

Britain does not control its own VAT, is still subject to the ECJ and the ECHR as well as over 4,000 EU laws. Britain has no control over its borders or mass migration. Britain is being held ransom by the EU over the Northern Irish territory, and is at the mercy of European Union Commission unelected technocrats who at the end of the day dictate whether Britain sits or jumps.

Sure, Rishi Sunak is a fledgling technocrat himself, and his master VDL fawns over her new student for pulling the wool over the eyes of most of the media and British parliament, but the reality of the situation is that eventually this sham protocol will be found out . To have Joe Biden cheering the subservient deal is a seal of death in itself, anything he likes is certainly a piece of useless dog shit.



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