Ghislaine Maxwell Will Recruit Harem of Female Prisoners

CONNECTICUT - USA - Ghislaine Maxwell is looking forward to building her own harem of young female prisoners in her new prison.

ghislaine maxwell pretty girls

Having been jailed for twenty years for her role in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandal, Ghislaine Maxwell has vowed to continue her trade in prison.

Disneyland of pu$$y

Danbury Federal Correctional Institution in Connecticut where Maxwell will be moved will be a Disneyland of young women to exploit and enjoy for the former Epstein protégé.

“I just can’t help recruiting sex slaves for my own needs. There are many vulnerable women in prison, and as always I will capitalise on their vulnerability by offering them an initial shoulder to cry on. Once they are ensnared in my trap, the rest is history. They will do my chores, get me things I need, and of course service my needy pussy,” Maxwell excitedly revealed after sentencing was completed.

With good behaviour and of course greasing the guards a little, Maxwell should be out of jail in about 8-11 years time.

There are no carpets in female prisons but plenty of carpet munching.


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