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Ghost of Michael Jackson Molests Boy on Halloween

LOS ANGELES - USA - A 12 year old Neverland visitor has made an extraordinary claim at this year's Halloween celebrations at the ranch.

The 12-year-old boy, who has not been named yet, has made the extraordinary claim to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and also filed a lawsuit against the Jackson estate.

“According to the boy, he was with his family on a Neverland tour during Halloween night when the group were shown Jacko’s old bedroom. He claims that a shadow came out of the wall and started to do bad things to him. We asked him how he knew it was Jackson, well, he said the ghost had one white glove and moonwalked across the floor before attempting to molest the boy. There were also
witnesses to the whole sordid affair and even a photograph,” the Sheriff’s Deputy, Jordy MacCulkin was quoted in the LA Times.

Since the incident, the Neverland Tour has been suspended, and paranormal investigators have been called in. There are even plans to bring in an exorcist to try and rid the place of the moonwalking molester.

The ghostly molestation has seriously affected the boy who is now receiving counselling  and his parents are very angry that no one warned them of Jackson.

“This is a terrible awful event which has affected us all. Jacko was not happy with molesting little boys in real life and now he’s doing it from beyond the grave? What a sick f***er!” the boys father told pop commentator Perez Hilton.

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  1. I can't believe this would happen. Jackson thought molesting is wrong. He was right, but now he's doing it? Ok now this either really happened, or this is just those stupid idiotic tabloids. Oh yeah, and that picture of the mj mask on top of a body infront of the neverland gate is the freakiest thing I ever seen.

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