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Shock as Michael Jackson Revealed to be Paedophile

SALT LAKE CITY - USA - Michael Jackson fans are once again in a state of denial over irrefutable evidence in a new film proving their hero is a paedophile.

Ghost of Michael Jackson Molests Boy on Halloween

LOS ANGELES - USA - A 12 year old Neverland visitor has made an extraordinary claim at this year's Halloween celebrations at the ranch.

Jackson Now Drinking Jesus Juice With Jesus

LOS ANGELES - USA - Michael Jackson is now said to be drinking Jesus Juice in heaven according to ministers at a local Holmby Hills chapel near the rented home where Jackson died.

Black In Vogue – Why Michael Jackson Regrets Whitening

LOS ANGELES - USA - Black is in vogue right now. You've got the first black president, Barack Obama, the first black Grand Prix winner, Lewis Hamilton, the most in-demand black actor, Will Smith and the world's most successful black golfer, Tiger Woods. And then there's Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Writes Book to Save Neverland

LOS ANGELES - CA - Michael Jackson will come up with the $25 million needed to save Neverland by March 19th after receiving a multi-million dollar advance for writing a tell-all book.

Michael Jackson Audition for Next Star Wars Film Unsuccessful

LOS ANGELES - CA - George Lucas has denied Michael Jackson from making a world stage comeback in the latest Star Wars film currently in pre-production.

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