Black In Vogue – Why Michael Jackson Regrets Whitening

LOS ANGELES - USA - Black is in vogue right now. You've got the first black president, Barack Obama, the first black Grand Prix winner, Lewis Hamilton, the most in-demand black actor, Will Smith and the world's most successful black golfer, Tiger Woods. And then there's Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is said to be currently seeking to to get back his blackness because of the current popularity of black celebrities, politicians, sportsmen and women.

“These are hard times for Michael. He can’t help feeling like he made the wrong decision by undergoing the intensive whitening treatment all those years ago. Now that black people are really coming into their own Michael has been left by the wayside and is fearful of being left behind,” Michael’s spokesman, Ed Hurlahee, disclosed on an MTV program yesterday.

Black is the new black

The bankrupted Michael Jackson may now have to stay ‘white’ because he has run out of cash to reverse the de-colourization process he went through in the 80’s.

“Jackson spent millions with skin whitening treatments in the 1980’s and he does not have the cash to reverse the process. In fact, the process of trying to bring back Michael’s blackness may be detrimental to his health doctors and physicians have already disclosed to him. Michael is said to be very sad he is now a whitey and does not have any chance of coming back in the current black climate. Every celebrity and top person is now black. Michael is white. Now that’s a big problem for him and his backers,” a spokesman for Michael Jackson’s hard pressed PR company was quoted as saying on Friday.

Looks like Michael is going to have to wait for awhile until he attempts to make his come-back if ever.
It is almost certainly correct that he regrets his fateful decision all those years ago.