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Michael Jackson Audition for Next Star Wars Film Unsuccessful

LOS ANGELES - CA - George Lucas has denied Michael Jackson from making a world stage comeback in the latest Star Wars film currently in pre-production.

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Jackson who is also being pursued by approximately 245 debt collectors all wanting large sums of money from him, is so desperate for cash that he turned up on set unannounced pleading for clemency.

Lucas who is not afraid of seeing wild looking alien creations was taken aback by Jackson and screamed out in surprise when the former King of Pop appeared out of a shadow.

“George screamed like a little girl when he saw Jackson come out of a shadow at him. I never seen George fazed like that. This is the same guy who has created some of the most fearsome creatures in celluloid history,” a production assistant working on the film told the Daily Squib.

Jackson may still get the part because of his scare factor however there are liabilities to his employ: his weak facial structure which is not possible to insure, the hundreds of people trying to recover debts from him all the time and there will be children on set.


Michael Jackson on the Star Wars set


The Daily Squib feels that Michael Jackson is more suited for Clive Barker movies and as a favour to the ailing star have forwarded a recommendation to Mr Barker’s production company. Don’t worry Michael we’re all looking out for you.


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  1. Are you DEAD serious?! Michael scared George Lucas and was denied a spot in the new Star Wars movies? Michael and George worked together on Captain EO with Francis Ford Coppola years ago at Disney, for cryin’ out loud! And I really cannot see how well Michael would be in Clive Barker films if he was alive today.

  2. Ridiculous LOL! Is this for real?
    George Lucus already knows Michael and has worked with him before, you know he did do the ‘Captain Eo’ movie right? I don’t totally buy him being ‘scared’ as being ‘surprised’ by Jackson (if this actually really happened?). Albeit Jackson looks nothing like he did back in 1986, to be sure…every component mentioned here was viable in the Captain Eo film.

    Ridiculous article, I say.

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