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Another 'Cutesy' Hollywood CGI Film Released

HOLLYWOOD - USA - World cinema-goers were today thankful for another wonderful CGI film release featuring well-known Hollywood actors' voices.

“We’ve got another Hollywood movie release with cutesy CGI characters, American voices and American mannerisms,” Ernie Schlitz, a studio executive at Fox Studios told Film Weekly.

Cinema-goers in Paris, France were astounded by the new movie.

Pierre Gitanes, 14, on his half-term holidays said: “Every week they release a new film with the same tired old American actors’ voices and really dumb f*cking CGI penguins or some other stupid creature. They walk around the screen going ‘Yo, yo, whassup?’ or ‘Du-u-u-u-de!’ after the 380th CGI film release this year I just sat in my seat and wept.”

In Britain, many cinemas held a day of mourning as another cutesy Hollywood CGI film release hit the towns and cities.

“We just had another cutesy American CGI film release. I even had one man slit his wrist in the back and last week we had a hanging,” Freddie Arbunckle, the manager at the Bexleyheath Odeon told the Mirror.

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