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Man Begs For Food Outside Obama Restaurant

CHICAGO - USA - President Obama's visit to a gourmet French restaurant, Le Jardin, was interrupted by a man begging for food on the pavement.

“I saw him in there. He was eating some food and my mouth started to water. I ain’t eaten in two days. I hoped they could throw me some scraps, even a stale piece o’ bread. I had hope. Hell, I even voted for that guy. He was eating lobster, then they brought him dessert. That champagne looked mighty fine too, hmm hmm,” Dilbert Wilkins, an unemployed teacher from Chicago’s Southside told CBS news.

After Obama’s meal was over, his entourage of 23 vehicles left the restaurant in a hurry. Mr Dilbert tried to say something to the President but was escorted away by some secret service men.

“Hey, at least they feed you in jail huh,” Mr Dilbert said before he was put into the back of an unmarked car.

President Obama’s White House spokesman, Ari Schweissman, said: “The president cut short his meal because he saw a man at the window salivating and obviously hungry. After the president’s entourage sped off, he personally ordered the man be taken to the rear of the restaurant and given a free meal from the bins in the back. You see folks, there is some hope out there. Remember, vote for change. Vote for hope.”

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