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New Black Terminator Film In Production Trouble Again

LOS ANGELES - USA - Production of the new black Terminator film has ground to a halt unfortunately due to many technical and social issues.

New Box Office Hit: Toilet Paper Zombie Apocalypse

BRISBANE - Australia - Forget about Mad Max, the latest toilet paper zombie apocalypse film will really get you riled.


LOS ANGELES - USA - TV producers need to know a myriad of skill sets and production techniques, as well as be organised in their work. As a career choice, producing can be highly rewarding.

Another 'Cutesy' Hollywood CGI Film Released

HOLLYWOOD - USA - World cinema-goers were today thankful for another wonderful CGI film release featuring well-known Hollywood actors' voices.

3D Hollywood Movies Still Crap

LOS ANGELES - USA - It's just the same old Hollywoodized template boredom but in 3D.

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