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Prince Andrew: “Prison Doesn’t Faze Me It’s Like Boarding School”

WINDSOR - England - Prince Andrew is rather sanguine about the prospect of being extradited to America if convicted for his alleged crimes.

Prince Andrew could be extradited to America within the next few months, but in true indomitable style is not fazed by this prospect.

“Prison is much like boarding school in England, cold, dingy and having to be careful when picking up the soap in the showers. It will be like the good old days but without the evening’s prep. One was always eager to get away for exeat, and I have heard some prisons in America allow conjugal visits, perhaps a young filly or three can visit me then. As for electrical chairs, how ghastly, one’s deviant alleged crimes do not warrant such absurdities although it could be rather thrilling, come to think of it,” the prince jovially told ITN news reporter, Melvyn Shappes, on Saturday.

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