O London If We Forget the Past What Shall Become of the Future?

LONDON - England - If we forget our past what will become of our future? The capital city is in danger, and yet no one is willing to talk about it or even acknowledge what is happening. The coming general election in May will hopefully render some answers.

London has always been a cosmopolitan city, but what exists today is something completely different, it’s a place where a person cannot breathe any more, a place where a person cannot ride on the overflowing transport system, a place where the narrow streets are impassible from the volume of traffic, a place where gangs of roaming thugs or aggressive EU beggars threaten those in their way, a place where the sheer volume of people never ends with a limitless influx, a place where the true spirit of London has sadly been lost forever.

There is an understanding that globalist pressures are under way, however Britain is but a small isle, it has little space left for the momentum and speed of the vast influx. One must also consider the overcrowded underfunded schools, the faltering NHS hospitals splitting with the sheer volume influx, the public transport systems that cannot cope and the stationary roads where vehicles are meant to move forward to their destination and not sit in endless traffic jams.

“This is simply about space. What are they going to do next, put people on top of people? We already live in thin rows, rats in a tiny box. Try driving through the bloody roads, if you drive across from North to South London you’ll be lucky to do it in a day. Most of London has also been hit by the phenomenon that no one talks about called ‘white flight’ and this has left whole swathes of London looking like, well not London any more, but no one acknowledges this fact, you won’t hear any politicians or celebrities talking about ‘white flight’ but much of London has suffered. The EU disaster of no borders has caused permanent damage to our beloved London, and of course it was Tony Blair’s Labour government who precipitated this influx by letting in over eight million people from some of the poorest countries in the former Soviet bloc. Something has to be done some day, someone has to help those who stayed in their city, a place we have in our blood, our ancestors, our former capital city,” a Londoner told no one at an overcrowded bus stop.

Should there not be a sensible policy of immigration, much like New Zealand and Australia? Instead, Britain and its capital city in particular, have been rendered as depositories. There will not be an NHS in five years time, there will not be a welfare system for those in need, there will not be a place for Londoners who grew up in this great city to live in ten years time. This is not about racism, jingoism, xenophobia or anything else, it is about physics. Small space large volume of influx at high speed.

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