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Ignore Farage at Your Own Peril

NEW YORK - USA - Lambasted and much maligned by the existing political classes, Nigel Farage, is the reason the UK won its Brexit ruling. Without his vision and his following Britain would have been denied the all important referendum.

Farage: Second Time Lucky

BRUSSELS - Belgium - It's second time lucky for Nigel Farage as he survives an assassination attempt on his life on a motorway in the continent.

Experts: Ukip Waiting Till Next Election

LONDON - England - Leading research fellows at the Institute of Political Strategy have revealed why they think Ukip will wait in the wings until the next General Election after the one in May 2015.

O London If We Forget the Past What Shall Become of...

LONDON - England - If we forget our past what will become of our future? The capital city is in danger, and yet no one is willing to talk about it or even acknowledge what is happening. The coming general election in May will hopefully render some answers.

Lactategate: Ukip Leader Accosted by Lactating Mother in Supermarket

YORKSHIRE - England - Nigel Farage, Ukip's rip roaring party leader has come rather unstuck at his local supermarket, where a lactating woman dribbled some milk onto his head whilst he was picking a can of beans from the bottom shelf of a display.

George Osborne Mulling Over Ukip Defection

ROCHESTER - England - Another shameful Ukip night for the Tories and Lib Dems at the by-election last night that could really tip the scales for the General Elections in 2015.

Clacton: Ukip in Da House!!!

CLACTON - England - Political history was made last night when Britain's newest party on the block, Ukip smashed through the Tory and Labour defences to win a by-election and secure a place in parliament.

Ukip, Wekip, Theykip

LONDON - England - Nigel Farage, the swashling Ukip buccaneer has certainly ruffled a few feathers in the political landscape, and the upcoming Euro elections may really tip the bucket over the europhiles.

Flood Photo Ops Flooding Everywhere

SURREY - England - Flood photos of politicians are hitting flood hit newspapers on a constant basis during the great British flood photo op season.

Gun Toting Maniac With Common Sense Seen in Parliament

LONDON - England - A gun toting maniac was seen in the House of Commons today.

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