Lactategate: Ukip Leader Accosted by Lactating Mother in Supermarket

YORKSHIRE - England - Nigel Farage, Ukip's rip roaring party leader has come rather unstuck at his local supermarket, where a lactating woman dribbled some milk onto his head whilst he was picking a can of beans from the bottom shelf of a display.


The Ukip leader took the event in his stride by dabbing a little of the milk in his mouth and smacking his lips in approval, an eyewitness revealed to the BBC.

“He [Mr. Farage] was bending down to pick up a can of baked beans while a woman was breast feeding her triplets in the aisle, she over squirted and a load of the milk dribbled over the Ukip leader, some even going in his eye and mouth. In fact, there were quite a few squirts of the scrumptious milky milky, but Nigel Farage took it very well, he was extremely polite actually smacking his lips in delight. He probably enjoyed the sugar as well as the eyeful, and I even heard him cooing like a little baby afterwards..aaah,” Mavis Butterworth, from Yorkshire recalled.