Video: Terminator Infinity Trailer Released

LOS ANGELES - USA - Terminator fans have been eagerly awaiting the latest trailer for the new Terminator film called Terminator Infinity.


Without wishing to give too much away, as the Daily Squib staff have already been allowed to watch the film, the plot line is so amazing you will be scratching your head with a bread stick.

Sarah Connor goes back in time, then John Connor goes forward in time, then three terminators (one good, one bad, one so so) go medium sideways in time, back and forth, back and forth, then there are lots of flashbacks and flash forwards, sometimes you will get a flash forward within a flash back scene, all in the space of thirty seconds. Sure you get the terminator with the cheap looking CGI graphics that morphs into anything, and you get the same old shots of post nuclear war terrains but here’s the real clincher, it’s another Terminator film for fans who like Terminator films. If you don’t like watching the same movie over and over again, just get the fuck out of the cinema, this film is special because it’s…er..ah..never mind.

Remember that these Terminator time travels are infinite loops and the series will go on infinitely as well, maybe only stopping until some mad scientist from Google finally creates a psychotic AI machine that actually does do the things in the movie.

We gave this film five stars because it’s another action packed Terminator film with pretty much the same script as the other ones but mixed around slightly and given a new name.

Already, the next film ‘Terminator Infinity Times Infinity’ is now in post-production and we can’t wait for that to be released sometime in the future/past/now or maybe never, possibly in June 2023.