10 Tips How to Avoid Getting Killed by American Police if You’re Black

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Independent NGO, The American Population Society has come up with ten useful tips for black Americans and how they do not have to get themselves into positions of discomfort.


1) Don’t break the law. Maybe this first point should have been disseminated to 40% of the US prison population who are black, especially when the black population of the United States is only 12%.

2) Get an education. If one is educated, there is more probability that employment will follow.

3) Learn to speak properly and communicate in an effective manner. Knowledgeable people who have either educated themselves or been educated at a higher institution can effectively negotiate situations when they arise. People who are educated do not get themselves into positions of distress and danger because they are not stupid. They prefer to make money utilising their brain power and knowledge.

4) Do not listen to rap music or other forms of music which caricatures black Americans as thugs and gangsters. Rap music was created by white music executives not only to make large amounts of money for themselves off unintelligent illiterate people but as a way of stereotypical caricature, to put simply, rap thug music celebrates and encourages black people who commit crimes and go to jail.

5) Get a broad education in all forms of knowledge from the classics onwards. Learn about history, science and mathematics. The arts should be classical with temperate amounts of contemporary emphasis.

6) Stop calling yourself ‘African American’. This is a politically correct creation that only serves to divide you from the general populace. You are an American. You are not African, you must ditch this part of your description as the term ‘African American’ is in fact a tainted moniker describing someone of low status, low education, an indolent entitlement culture and having an inherently violent thieving disposition.

7) To move forward one must first acknowledge the past, but not dwell on the past. Slavery amongst blacks was not a good thing, however it is not the continued responsibility of other races to constantly hear about something that has been superseded by time, especially since history proves that Africans sold their own kind to the slave ship owners. If one keeps dwelling on the issue of slavery, you are still a slave, and have not yet broken free from your chains.

8) Dress in a manner that suits someone of status. You must therefore ditch the low hanging baggy trousers with one leg rolled up and the medallions, gold teeth etc, etc.

9) Breed responsibly. If you cannot afford anything, there is no need to breed otherwise you are simply a burden to society and create hardship for yourself and your children. If you are educated, and can pass on an education to a child, and have a means of financial support you can breed. The statistics for fatherless blacks in America are atrocious, and this is why President Obama has been embarking on a program of mass abortion amongst the black populations. At least this effort is reducing some of the burden on the country, but a lot of work still has to be done. Responsible breeding only comes with education and knowledge, the ignorant and base of society do not have the ability to make decisions about themselves let alone their children.

10) Do not riot. People who riot over perceived injustices are uneducated, unintelligent and ignorant. Because their meta model of the world is so limited they can only express themselves with violence and anger. Rioting and looting amongst the black population is used as a form of blackmail against the rest of the civilised populace. Furthermore, there are rogue sectors within some governmental departments that welcome rioting by the easily controlled uneducated, unintelligent angry blacks, because this gives them carte blanche to install more prohibitive laws onto everyone else. Injustices can be addressed through discourse, reasoning and through the proper channels. Rioting only serves to extend the stereotype of the blacks in America.