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Experts: Ukip Waiting Till Next Election

LONDON - England - Leading research fellows at the Institute of Political Strategy have revealed why they think Ukip will wait in the wings until the next General Election after the one in May 2015.

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“The British electoral First Past the Post (FPTP) system ensures that Labour will win the election in May.

“With the Conservatives bereft of a clear majority due to Cameron’s inadequacies, the Tories will be given the boot.

“Ukip know this and a voter who votes for them knows they are inadvertently voting for Labour due to the FPTP system.

“This is why Ukip knows that the General Election after May this year will be crucial because the country will have endured further punishment from Labour.

“It is in Ukip’s interests that Labour wins the election as the damage meted out by the red party will be so terrible, it will bring the UK to a riotous denouement within two years.

“Under Labour, there will be a mass exodus of business, finance, professionals and unemployment will increase ten fold.

“These are the seeds for the rise of Ukip or other right wing party as Labour will do the opposition party a favour simply by exercising their Marxist doctrines.

“Labour will de-incentivise the public’s right to ownership of property, as well as increase the push towards the eurozone. By abolishing the Pound Sterling, Britain with its trillion pound deficit will be subject to even worse austerity conditions than Greece. There will be no controls over budgets and the NHS will be left floundering as the EU cuts off much needed funding.

“Socialists use other people’s money, but what happens when that money dries up? The massive influx into the UK by EU benefits seekers have already put enormous strains on the welfare and school system, with additional variables affecting the destruction; like professionals and businesses leaving the UK due to heavy Labour taxation, Britain’s welfare state will not survive. You need people to pay tax for there to be enough money in the pool for the welfare state.

“Public anger will grow under Labour, as the duped voters who stupidly were fooled into voting for Miliband and his Labour cohorts will cause public unrest. This is when Ukip will step in as saviours to the nation, and take Britain out of the EU.

“The incoming Labour government will also leave the UK helpless by decommissioning the Trident nuclear deterrent, which will be cause for Britain’s enemies to consider attack. Thus Labour, could be party to the potential annihilation of the British people if the warring Russians exploited the gaps in Britain’s defence.

“It is unfortunate that the British people, who are a very resilient lot, will have to endure such pain under Labour, but it is the only way Ukip or another British-centric party can beat the invasion from many sides.

“Labour is the enemy from within, and the people who vote for them are party to the death of Britain as a nation through its traitorous design.

“Under David Cameron, the UK is weak, and so are the Conservatives, an emasculated party with no voice, floundering under the radar. The Conservatives have good economic sense but that’s not enough for the welfare reliant British who make up the majority of the population and are lifelong Labour voters.

“When the whole system is socialist, it stands to reason that the majority of the population of Britain will vote for the party that created the socialist infrastructure.

“The elections in May could have been a referendum on Europe, but the failing of Ukip’s leader, Farage, is a symptom of the welfare cushion winning. Ukip’s rhetoric has failed on a number of occasions, and blatant racism is not condoned by many in public, even though the majority of the UK’s indigenous population are racist at home. Farage has also squandered his earlier lead, but this may be a calculated affair, as the party knows it is impossible to win in 2015 due to the current electoral system.

“Vote Labour, get Labour, Vote Ukip, get Labour, Vote Conservative, get Labour.”

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  1. Laugh now but someday we’ll be in charge. This piece takes a lot of things to absurdity but contains many grains of truth. Vote UKIP!

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