Matthew 24: When Evangelicals Go Crazy

COTTONWOOD - USA - Some organised human religions create their own hell on earth by evangelicals believing every word in their constructed books thus enabling a self fulfilling prophecy.

Some people say religion is not dangerous, but please allow many others to disagree.

Religion is the cause of 99% of conflict on the earth right now, and throughout history. Through religion, millions of people have died in the name of whatever huma-constructed entity they believe in.

Tasers don’t work on the religious evangelicals, as can be witnessed in the video below. If you’re a policeman you can taser religious extremists for hours and they will just brush it off.

We are now living through a period in time where religion is being left behind. It has already been superseded by science, rational thought and factual logic by the enlightened many aeons ago, however the brainwashed masses are only still slowly waking up, and with a sudden jolt of realisation they may some day realise that all they have been taught, all they were told are lies.