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Labour: Corbyn Better Than Miliband or Brown

LONDON - England - Jeremy Corbyn is better than either Ed Miliband or the irascible Gordon Brown voters are saying.

General Election: Reviewing the Latest Political Pantomime

LONDON - England - The dust may have settled on the 2015 General Election, but the fallout is likely to continue for many months to come.

ELECTION Update: “Here Bro You Can Have This Back”

LONDON - England - The resignation of Ed Miliband after Labour's trouncing in the 2015 election polls was naturally predicted by the Daily Squib, however there is a certain level of karma involved in the defeat as well.

Russell Brand Likes Talking to Robots

LONDON - England - What's former comedian, and champagne socialist Russell Brand doing talking to a robot?

The Oracle Reveals General Election Victory Answer

LONDON - England - Through the incessant electioneering and spectacular displays by buccaneering politicians, the polling stations will be wild with excitement on the night, but the decision has already been cast for the 2015 General Election.

What Life Will Be Like Under Red Ed

LONDON - England - We asked a political insider about what life would be like in Britain under Red Ed's Labour leadership.

Experts: The Inevitable Death of Marxism Through Robotics

SHEFFIELD - England - The working man will eventually be superseded by the non-human robot, a team of experts from Sheffield Technical Dynamics, a company that specialises in robotics, reveal in their latest analysis.

David Miliband Still Having Trouble With Knife in Back

NEW YORK - USA - Exiled former Labour minister, David Miliband has spoken of harrowing times living with a knife permanently lodged in his upper back.

Election Mass Debate Comes to Squalid Climax

LONDON - England - As election TV mass debates go, what was witnessed tonight was nothing more than a premature congratulatory wilting dribble.

Experts: Ukip Waiting Till Next Election

LONDON - England - Leading research fellows at the Institute of Political Strategy have revealed why they think Ukip will wait in the wings until the next General Election after the one in May 2015.

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