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Ed Miliband Better Beware of Google’s Wrath

LONDON - England - Labour leader Ed Miliband versus Google's Eric Schmidt could be a disaster for the former.

Ed Miliband to Dave: “Everywhere You Look You Will See My...

LONDON - England - The mourning BBC announced the news yesterday of David Miliband's extreme transatlantic sulk where he will make millions of pounds off the backs of suffering Third Worlders with a new 'charity' job.

Miliband Sacks Balls

LONDON - England - Labour party leader, Ed Miliband has sacked Ed Balls from the Shadow Cabinet it has been revealed.

Miliband Wants Poor People to Help the Rich Accept Poverty Too

LIVERPOOL - England - Labour party leader, Ed Miliband is proposing in his new manifesto that he will implement programs for enabling poor people to teach rich people how to be poor, because when he's in power he wants everyone to be poor.

Miliband to be Prime Minister in Alternate Universe

LONDON - England - Current Opposition Labour party leader, Ed Miliband, has spoken of his aspirations and his strong will to gain the Prime Ministership of Britain.

Ed Miliband to have Grotesque Stare Surgically Adjusted

LONDON - England - Ed Miliband has been urged to have his grotesque staring eyes adjusted in a bid to make his appearance more appealing to voters.

Miliband Gets Some Balls

LONDON - England - Labour leader, Ed Miliband, finally got the Balls he always wanted when Commissar Ed Balls from the ousted Comrade Brown regime was resurrected from the dead and released from his brief stay in a Gulag up North.

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