Ed Miliband: “Why Would Someone Who Stabbed Own Brother in Back Care About Gassed Syrian Children?”

LONDON - England - Labour leader Ed Miliband, is unrepentant about abandoning the plight of the Syrian children allegedly gassed by the Assad regime.

“I would only accept the motion of going to war if the agenda suited my own political ends and would aid my election in 2015,” Ed Miliband said to a BBC news crew whilst visibly sneering at a picture of dead Syrian children.

Just as Ed Miliband came to power by sticking a blade into his brother’s kidney, so too is his policy of ignoring the plight of the Syrian people being gassed by whoever it was.

“Does it really matter who gassed the Syrian civilians? They were gassed and died en masse. Whether the perpetrators were Assad’s henchmen, American backed Al Qaida operatives or MOSSAD backed rebels is neither here nor there. We need to get in there and finish that slime bag Assad off so we can then move onto Iran,” an Israeli commander told the Knesset yesterday.

With 24 hour rotations of the pictures depicting dead Syrian children doing the rounds on all channels, something has got to give soon, maybe even the black soulless heart of Ed Miliband may see a glimmer of compassion but that is doubtful, you see if there’s nothing in it for Ed, then there’s nothing in it.