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Mass Immigration Under Labour Spells End of NHS and Schools

LONDON - England - The huge immigration blitz under the previous Labour government heralded the end of the golden era of Britain's welfare state.

It is quite ironic that the people who came up with Britain’s welfare state were the ones who destroyed it. During thirteen long years of Labour government they opened the doors to anyone who wanted to come into Britain. Naturally the low quality of immigrants that did come put a massive strain on the nation’s welfare state. The NHS suffered the most, with A&E closures, no beds and overworked staff, as well as lack of essential medicines due to the constant abuse of the system. The schools were forced to shut down as they were inundated with an overcapacity problem and not enough funding to keep them going. The Benefits system was so severely abused by mass immigration and the feckless that it was forced to shut down as well.

What would William Beveridge, the father of Britain’s post-war welfare state, or Clement Attlee have said if they could see the state of the system they engineered? 

The overflowing hospitals and fundless schools were testament to an unfettered immigration policy that had created an altogether intolerable situation on the tiny island they used to call Britain and their eventual shut down never came as a surprise. It was simply not feasible that the incessant immigration tidal wave could continue, but the nefarious EU policy of no borders had dealt a vast blow to the homogeneity of the United Kingdom, where its culture had been fractured to the point of no return.

There was no point in going to a university in Britain because there were simply no jobs for graduates anymore. One only had to see the recent graduates stacking shelves in Morrisons or in the unemployment offices to understand the full gravity of the debacle. In addition, the few taxpayers that were left in the bloated socialist wasteland were being fleeced so heavily that there was no point in working anymore or owning a business. What was the point when so much was taken away from them?

When the riots came, there was nowhere to run, people had just had enough. It was an inevitable occurrence, possibly engineered by the Fabians or some dark Whitehall unit, but when you pile people onto people like rats, they eventually start biting. There was no surprise to the mass disenchantment, but a simple release, similar to breathing out.

Britain had been poisoned from the tainted EU and Labour chalice and as the riots of discontent billowed out of the vomitous hell we had had foisted upon us, there was a fleeting glance back to the thirteen years of Labour government that led to the precipitous downfall of what was once Britain.

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